Classic K-Dramas that are now streaming on Prime Video

These are all streaming on Amazon Prime if anybody wants to watch.

The on-demand service Amazon Prime Video has added ten popular K-dramas to its repertoire, embracing the Korean wave. The award-winning flicks Parasite and Minari are both available to watch on the platform, and with Korean entertainment’s growing popularity, the new titles will attract even more fans. These plays span a variety of genres, including humor, romance, horror, and action.

The viewers will be able to enjoy True Beauty, which is about the classic make-over of a high school student bullied for her looks. Strangers From Hell chronicles the life of the mysterious residents of a dingy building, Taxi Driver, taking inspiration from the Robert De Niro-starrer, follows a taxi company that helps people seek revenge. Tale of the Nine-Tailed brings the supernatural Korean character Guminho into a new form. Meanwhile, Hotel Del Luna is about a hotel that caters to only ghosts. Both Strangers From Hell and Tale of Nine-Tailed stars Lee Dong-Wook.

On October 28, The Penthouse: War in Life started streaming on the platform. On November 4, Mr. Queen and Secret Garden were released. On November 11, the last drama on the list, Voice (S1 – S4) began streaming on Prime Video. Critically acclaimed medical drama Doctors will also release later in November.