10 mind blowing Denim hacks that will definitely help you preserve your favourite pair of jeans

No matter who you are and what is your age, your pair of branded jeans is a thing which will always be close to your heart and at the same time fading away of the jeans will definitely worry you. Denim is a fabric which is a companion of all generations, any person wearing it can look fashionable in it. Also it gives utmost comfort, sleek look and fits every body. If you are a kind of person who’s heart breaks when your favourite pair of jeans doesn’t fit you or has a stain on it; don’t worry, we have got your back!

We have listed down some easy denim tricks and hacks, that would surprise you and definitely help you the next time you are stuck with any fixing issue.

1. Baking Soda at your rescue to remove stains from your jeans
Odor and stains from your jeans can be easily and effortlessly be removed by directly applying baking soda for 5-10 minutes on the stain. After that just notice the magic!

2. Inside out style
To prevent your jeans from fading turn it inside out and then wash it with cold water and let it dry then.

3. Freeze it to remove foul odor
To remove the bad odor fold the jeans and put it in a ziplock bag and keep it for freezing overnight. Suprisingly all the bad odor will vanish away.

4. Trick for tighter jeans
If you are looking for tighter jeans, then try this trick, machine wash your jeans with hot water and machine dry with high heat, and you would see a tighter jeans to flaunt your slender legs.

5. Trick for loose jeans
Are your jeans uncomfortable and tight? Then we suggest you to air-dry them and stretch the waistband by your hand. If you want, you can even use the hair dryer over the waistband.

6. Protect your dark denim with vinegar
For giving your dark denims extra care wash them with half cup vinegar which will protect it from fading away. Also it will soften your jeans makikg it stylish as well as comfy to wear.

7. Warm vinegar to remove chewing gum from denim
Got chewing gum stuck on your jeans? Fret not, after warming the vinegar in oven for.45 seconds take a cloth on it and rub it on jeans.  Scrap it off with hard bristle toothbrush.

8. Remove ink stains with milk and hairspray

Soak your stained jeans overnight in a bucket of water and add a glass of milk. Later, apply hairspray on the stained area and wash it with regular detergent. Later, the stain would be removed completely.

9. Use powder to remove grease from your denim jeans
Got grease stain on your denim jeans? Worry not, always put baby powder or talcum powder and leave it for a day. Before washing your jeans, throw talc or baby powder on the greasy part and leave it for a day, then brush the powder off and you would find your denim spic and span after the wash.

10. Remove Denim wrinkles with ice
Then toss your denim in the dryer and put some ice cubes and set the dryer at high heat setting, the steam will remove the wrinkles from your jeans.