11 heavenly pairs of shoes you must own

An outfit is incomplete with a stellar pair of shoes, a right kind of shoe can add that ‘oomph’ to your outfit that can elevate a simple look. Here are some recommendations which are ranked with style and comfort in mind:

A Pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars

There are no shoes like the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Starts; popularly referred as “Chuck Taylor’s, All-Stars or just Chucks“. They are in business from the 1920s and the love for these pair of shoes is not gone. After the Nike acquisition in 2003, Chuck Taylor’s became famous among the younger crowd and has been the no.1 since. They are now available in every colour possible, printed graphics and also hand painted customisable. You can go for a classic white pair or use the same as a canvas for your personalised pair.

A Pair of White Wedge Shoes

This is one of the most basic pair of shoe that’s a must-have. A pair of white sneakers is a versatile item that you can wear with jeans, a skirt or even a dress. It’s a must for a casual look and can really help you style an outfit as it gives you height, comfort and a look of classic white sneakers. A pair of white sneakers is every lazy person’s go-to because why go through all the hassle of planning an outfit when you can wear anything you want and style it up with starch white wedge shoes!

Wedge Heels

Wedge Heels are the way to be, it gives you height with comfort and does a little less damage than those thin heels. They are stable, easy to balance and are available in several different styles. You can find them in leather, cork or even jute covered espadrilles. They are available in every height and different looks, from strappy, peep toes to closed fronts. Pair them up with jeans, a casual dress, for a brunch date or even a little shopping.

Kitten Block Heels

Low-block heels should be a women’s go-to if you must wear heels. You have the height with a structure that these heels give you. You can elevate your wardrobe with these comfy and chic pair of heels. If you are an office going person, these are the heels for you and one should have them in all colours available to match your everyday look.

Block Heels

A pair of nude or black block heels is a must for your wardrobe; style them with an outfit of any colour for any occasion they will work their charm. A block heel is an easy alternative for high stilletoe heels as they are comparatively much less painful to walk in and gives you height as well. They’re fashionable and are the type of heels you can actually walk in without injuring yourself.

Brown Uggs

Uggs are the comfiest of all shoes. They are lined with fur which also makes them a must-have for cold and cozy winters. Brown Uggs are the most versatile pair which can go with all your winter outfits but if your heart desire colours, they are available in every shade, from hot pink to teal blue they can be a match for your colourful look.

Flat Sandals

Flats are the most practical choice in shoes. The flat surface makes the calf muscle more relaxed unlike the high heels that cause various back problems in women. Flats are extremely comfortable and durable. They are free to move in and environmental friendly.

Strappy Stilletoes

Strappy stillettos heels are extremely uncomfortable but even more stylish. They can jazz up your party outfit like no other; pair them with a short dress and flaunt your look with these stunning heels.They are available in every colour, style and price range and is a must have for your glamourous nights.

Pointed-toe Heels

Pointed-toe Heels are an elegant, classy and dressy pair of shoes. They lengthen your leg line and makes one look taller and looks amazing with everything you wear. The pointed-toe stilletoe heels are the classic example of “Beauty is Pain” because they are the most classy looking heel one can ever find and the most painful too because pointed-toe can squeeze your little toes and heels can force down your feet. The heels look amazing in a well-fitted black midi dress or a boot-cut jeans.

Platform Boots

Platform Boots can spice up your wardrobe and gives you a new look. The thick sole of the heel gives you the height and the structure which automatically elevates your look. These platform heel boots are considered both casual and dressy; totally depends on which look you are going for. You can style it with a pair of sweatpants, scoop-neck t-shirt and a shacket for a casual outfit or for a more dressy look, pair these with black skinny jeans, a turtle neck and a leather jacket and you’re good to go.

Knee-high Boots

Knee-high boots is an all season favourite. You can style them with a dress, a long coat or wear them with your skinny jeans and a turtle neck sweater. They are available in all colours and patterns with different heel styles. A knee-high boot in black leather can create a sexy outfit for an all black look.