2022 Oscars: The ARMYs were surprised when BTS made an appearance at the 94th Academy Awards

The world’s most prestigious award event, the Oscars, took place on March 28, 2022, when internationally adored singers BTS made an appearance on the big screen of the award show when the title “favorite film musical with BTS” was put on screen. The seven-member k-pop group that has been growing popularity throughout the world at an unstoppable rate, shattering record after record, has now made history by becoming the first k-pop act appear on the Oscars stage.

Fans were surprised to see the members at such a prestigious award show. The inspiring and well-known leader RM spoke about the animated film Coco, saying, “Coco is a masterpiece, I have cried so much while watching this movie not only that I have watched this movie three times now.” Another member V added, “Pixar is indeed unbelievable,” referring to how amazing studio Pixar is. The praise for Disney movies did not stop there, as the oldest member Jin said, “Disney is the finest at expressing emotions.”   J-hope concurred with this statement and stated that he enjoys Disney films as well. Finally, RM gave a shout out to Will Smith’s Aladdin.

Following this unexpected appearance, fans are speculating about a collaboration between Disney and BTS. While no official remark has been made about the matter, viewers are confident that something will be announced soon, and ARMYs are eager for more new surprises.