2022 #WorldHealthDay This 7th of April, the focus is on “our planet, our health”

The 7th of April is observed as World Health Day around the world. Today, one of the major issues confronting society is health; health-related issues and problems are increasing at alarming rates. World Health Day is observed to address such issues and raise awareness, to draw the public’s attention to them once a year, and to take action to address the problems.

Every year, a theme is chosen for this day; this year’s theme is “our planet, our health.” Growing pollution is largely responsible for the multiple life-threatening diseases that mankind is facing today; asthma and heart disease are extremely common these days; the planet, as well as all living beings, is suffering. Every year, the government undertakes a number of initiatives to protect the environment; projects such as the Swachh Bharat Mission and the National Clean Air Programme (NCPA) have been launched to control various types of pollution to some extent, but the public fails miserably to remain consistent and active in these activities.

World Health Day was the first official act of the World Health Organization in 1948, and it has been celebrated every year since then to raise awareness as much as possible. Before the day became official, 61 countries had signed up for it.

The significance of this day is related to human health and well-being, and humans should not need a day to maintain the bare minimum for themselves; instead, every day should be World Health Day, and practicing a healthy lifestyle that lowers pollution in our daily lives should be the priority.