5 Awesome Indian Vacation Homes You Can Buy To Complete Your Bucket List

Travel is one of the things which people can’t resist. Whether a small journey or a long journey, vacation or holiday homes are developed in many places to attract visitors and for a satisfying stay. We are going to discuss 5 awesome Indian vacation homes here which you can make one of your next stay homes.



Location: Lonavala, Mumbai

Situated 9 km from Lonavala train station, Canvas Villa & Resort is the favorite destination of the people of Mumbai. Having a beautiful swimming pool with a bunch of greenery, the resort offers many facilities. One of the best pet-friendly resorts, it offers space for free parking with free Wi-Fi facility too. A perfect place for family and friends, it can also blossom the day for lovers too.

The guests can get a vegetarian meal with a beautiful garden view. The villa is said to have five bathrooms with air conditioning and astonishing rooms having a flat-screen TV. Other than this, the visitors can enjoy themselves in the nearby restaurant and can have an eye-catching look from the terrace. Having the spa and the streaming services, the place resulted in satisfaction.



Location: Mahabaleshwar, Mumbai

Popularly known for its strawberries, Mahabaleshwar is also famous for its Chocolate Villa. Well, anyone can think about its color that correlates with the color of chocolate; that is brown or dark brown and that is why the place is named Chocolate Villa. It could be true because of its enormous greenery but it offers its visitors many other amenities that will surely attract anyone.

Other than the greenery and a terrace, the villa also provides a free Wi-Fi facility, a dining table with free toiletries, and super duper things like a TV for entertainment. The visitors can also enjoy Lingmala Falls and Sydney Point which are 6 and 7km from the villa. They can also enjoy excellent room service with food and beverages with an opportunity to try their luck in board games as well.



Location: Karjat, Mumbai 

With a free Wi-Fi facility like the above two, Tikri Farms is a place that offers car and biking services other than private parking and an outdoor pool. Having the equipped kitchen with microwave and fridge, flat screen TV fulfills the entertainment purpose completely. The guests are also provided with some other facilities like fishing, cycling, and outdoor and indoor games.

Hiking, board games, and sports like table tennis are some extras on the dashboard that attracts its visitors enormously. With proper housekeeping and room service, the place is satisfactory.



Location: Candolim, Goa 

The luxurious resort can be imagined as having a beautiful view from the terrace and the surrounding greenery everywhere. With a free Wi-Fi facility and the space for private parking, the villa has large living rooms with attractive room space and bathrooms. The bedrooms are equipped with the things you must require like free toiletries, large screen TV and a hair dryer.

Candolim beach is a nearby place where you can get rid of all your problems after a busy day. A fitness center and three large swimming pools are the two attractive amenities of the villa. A nearby restaurant offers cuisines like Chinese and Indian. You don’t need to get worried about your belongings or safety issues because the villa has CCTV cameras.



Location: Madh Island, Mumbai 

Having the nearby places like Silver Beach and Erangal Beach, Saffronstays is a must-go place for the party lovers as it offers its visitors a lounge. With free Wi-Fi and a free private parking facility, the place features a patio with a garden view and a terrace. The villa is occupied by 3 separate bedrooms with a seating area and the entertainment facilities like a tennis court.

Religious people can go to ISKCON which is 23 km away from the villa. Having a picnic area, the villa has a great safety which is full filled by CCTV cameras and fire extinguishers. The visitors had a great experience living in the place.