5 breathtaking destinations to explore in Jharkhand

Known as ‘The Land of Forests’ this is an ultimate destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Not only this place has unparalleled beauties like hills, mountains, forests, and waterfalls but also this naturally rich state makes for a perfect holiday destination, especially for people who looks for a rendezvous with nature. This place is also blessed with several attractions like holy shrines, museums and wildlife sanctuaries making it one of the most tempting place to travel to. So, if you are not sure where to go and what to see in Jharkhand, the list of must see tourist places below can help you get the best holiday experience of your life.

1. Ranchi
If you wish to enjoy the divine view of some of the best waterfalls in Jharkhand then Ranchi is the place for you! It is the capital city and also known as ‘the City of Waterfalls.’ Ranchi is one place, which is so rich in mineral resources that it is named as the ‘Manchester of the East.’ With serene mountains and hills Ranchi will never disappoint its tourists.

2. Jamshedpur
The ‘Steel City of India’ Jamshedpur is the largest city in Jharkhand and is home to India’s first private iron and steel company ‘Tata Steel.’ This place is a nature lovers delight who can seek comfort in exploring the natural beauty of this place. The city is surrounded by rich greenery which offers tourists a delightful holidaying experience.

3. Hazaribagh
Hazaribagh itself means a city having thousands of gardens. This is a wonderful place which contributes to the wildlife tourism owing to its abundant greenery, great hills, and lovely weather. Situated at an altitude of 2019 feet, Hazaribagh is a land of flora and fauna, well known for its health resort.

4. Deoghar
It is one of the best places to visit for religious tourism and has numerous Hindu temples specially devoted to Lord Shiva. Thanks to its abundant greenery and it gives joyous experience to the tourists. Deoghar is one of the best places to visit in Jharkhand, when it comes to religious tourism. With so many Hindu temples that are mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva.

5. Giridh
Once a part of Hazaribagh, Giridih is now a separate city, which came into existence in 1972. Also known as the ‘Land of Hills,’ Giridih is widely visited by Jain pilgrims and is often termed as the ‘Land of Jain Pilgrims’. There are several Jain Temples and various Jain buildings & sites in Giridih that makes it a desirable destination amid nature lovers and pilgrims. Beautiful valleys, charming hills, dams, and temples in Giridih contribute in the tourism in Jharkhand.