5 exotic food you can eat in Kerala and instantly fall in love with

The gods own country Kerala is known for its rich lush green cover and scenic backwaters. But it also houses one of the world’s tastiest cuisine. Given below are some of their famous delicacies:

Kerala style clam meat roast

Being along the coastal side of the Indian terrain, Kerala is rich in seafood. Clam is one of the most popular and sought-after seafood in Kerala. Predominantly available in the central part of Kerala, this meat often referred to as the golden marine is a mouth-watering experience for any foodie.


Rice cake with black chickpeas curry

This is one of the most common breakfast dishes in the state. The combination is evergreen and it’s part of a pop culture down south. Rice is milled to a fine powder and steamed with shredded coconut. It is then served with spicy chickpeas curry. A flavor to remember forever.



Thalassery Chicken Biriyani

For a biriyani lover, nothing can go wrong with this less spicy juicy biriyani. Endemic to the region it is part of a very deep-rooted culture. The captivating aroma of the dish, mainly due to the rice used- Kaima, makes it hard to resist. The cooking is carried out in the traditional ‘dum‘ style. A lid is placed over the pan with dough to seal the container. The cooking is carried out by placing hot coal above and below the container. The dish is topped with fried cashew, sultanas, and onion.




This sweet delicacy is closely associated with the most celebrated festival of Kerala- Onam. Pradaman is one among the many payasam (pudding) that one can have in Kerala. It is made of rice, ghee, jaggery, and coconut milk and is topped with fried cashew and fine cardamon powder.


Karemeen Polichathu

Karemeen Polichathu is one of the most beloved fish delicacies of the state. The fish used is Pearl spot, usually found in backwaters. It is part of a Christian delicacy but is now integrated into the larger Kerala Cuisine. This delicacy has a global appeal finding its place in most of the coveted restaurants in the world that serve Malabar cuisine.