5 mistakes one should never make while creating online dating profile

Considering the current scenario, we think it’s safe to say that we are extremely grateful for the internet, social media. Be it binge-watching your favorite show, ordering food, or meeting new people, we can all agree that the online world has its own set of advantages. It’s natural for us singles to get resentful towards all things romantic. But deep down, we all know that we would love to find our perfect match. Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’re here for. Keep reading and you’ll know how to create a nice dating profile that is sure to catch the right swipes!

Copied Quotes

The most common mistake people make is to copy the same popular quote and paste it as it is. The problem here is that it doesn’t reveal much of your personality and indicates laziness. The more personalized your answer is, the more chances you have of getting the right swipe.

Wearing Sunglasses In All The Photos

Profile images play the most vital role in a profile. They are meant to show off your personality and you can’t do that with sunglasses on. It’s the same kind of weird when you can’t see someone’s eyes on their dating profile. Stay away from sunglasses, at least in a few of the images. Trust us, it makes a huge difference.

Not Smiling In Any Photo

Another common faux pas is not smiling in any of your photos. It’s nice to have a few smoldering shots but smiling is just as important but not smiling is another common faux which indicates that you are a rigid and non-approachable person. This only makes it easy for someone to start a conversation with you. Just like eyes, a smile is very important if you’re trying to build a connection.

Demanding Statements

No matter what you say after these statements, it will always sound condescending and demanding. It can make you seem closed-minded and judgemental. Stay away from being too demanding, in real life as well as on a dating platform as these statements are mostly presumptuous and make people feel judged.

Political Views

It is always wise and advisable not to discuss political views when meeting someone new. The same rule applies to online dating too. This results in controversial debates rather than romance. It causes misleading judgments and you can lose a potentially good match. Talking about hobbies can be done as it works better.