5 mouthwatering Goan cuisines that one should definitely try

Goa, also known as the party capital of India is a land of rich culture that is intertwined with European influences. As a result, the state has one of the most diverse food cuisines in the country. Here, we have picked up top 5 mouthwatering delicacies that you should try:


This main course is an Indian take on the Portuguese dish de vinha d’alhos. An Indian curry derivative that is filled with spices making it fiery. Vindaloo is made with different meat- Pork, chicken, beef, lamb, mutton, or tofu. The fiery hot vindaloo in a spoonful and a beer is all you need to fall in love with Goa.

Chicken Xacuti

This dish is a culmination of different spices and is popular in Goan cuisine. Like most Goan dishes, this is made with grated coconut. The entire mixture is made into a paste which is also known as the xacuti masala. the thick paste is then diluted into the desired consistency and to which chicken is added. The juicy succulent chicken is a foodie’s paradise.

Frango à Cafreal

This dish dates its origin back to the time of the Portuguese Indian invasion. This coriander-based dish originated in the African soil during the Portuguese invasion and was brought to Goa by African soldiers. It is made with chicken legs and is one of the most commonly ordered dishes in bars and taverns across the state.


Seven-layered Goan cake is a treat for the taste buds and yet again a Portuguese dish. This dish is made of flour, sugar, ghee, coconut milk, and egg yolk. This is festive based food and is mainly savored during Christmas.


This Portuguese dish is now home to goa. Predominantly made using pork meat, this dish is also prepared using lamb, chicken, and beef in various other parts of the state. The dish is versatile and is cooked using different techniques and styles depending on personal preferences. Regardless of the technique, one can never have a complaint about this Goan delicacy.