5 must try flavoursome dishes from Sikkimese cuisine

The North Eastern Indian state Sikkim is not just famous for its scenic beauty but also for its amazing food which is mainly influenced by the neighbouring countries like Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. The Sikkimese food mainly consists of rice and maze and is full of flavours. So here are some the dishes worth trying expect for Momos and Thupka.

1. Sael Roti
Made using fermented rice Seal roti just looks like pretzels which is a famous bread popular in Nepali festivals, it is also enjoyed in Sikkimese cuisine with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items.

2. Chhurpi
Chhurpi is a popular cheese of Indian-origin and is made from yak’s milk. This is a traditional soup of Sikkimese cuisine which is often served as a welcome drink.

3. Sikkim tea
Skkim tea is made from raw tea leaves and has a unique flavour which it is well known for. It is served in unique traditional cups and this is a must-try!

4. Bambool shoot curry
Made from fermented bamboo this is the staple dish of Sikkimese cuisine and is. To remove the bitterness of bamboo, turmeric powder plays a key role and the dish is also called Tama Curry and is best enjoyed with steamed rice.

5. Dhindo
Dhindo is a must try if you are a vegetarian. Cornflour, buckwheat and ground millet are the core ingredients in the dish. It would surprise you but Dhindo is also a part of their staple diet.