5 signs that the girl you met online is GHOSTING upon you

Ghosting- this might not have been the first time you have heard this word but maybe the first time you have experienced it. In the ‘online’ generation how to know that the girl for whom you are into has the same feelings for you? So, these are the 7 main fact-checks you need to confirm it.

1. Reduction of words
The first hint that the girl is not interested is that the length of the words start reducing. Earlier the responses which were in sentences will now be replaced by words. Later you will start receiving just smileys or monosyllabalic responses.

2. The puppy loves phase fades away
During the start of relationship it feels exhilarating and best feeling. All of your meets, chats or dates are very lively but suddenly the relationship becomes like a dead rubber at a six week mark.

3. Unavailable for very long time
Another sign is that she has become even more busier than earlier. She finds excuses not to meet up or for going out etc. Also when none of her reasons look convincing to you.

4. Her social media seems dead
She might not be a social media addict but also not someone who’s radio silence on social media may be called normal. Chances are that you might have been kept of her social media activities. Take that as a hint!

5. You never had a heart-to-heart connection
When you have been ‘together’ and not noticed of the finer details and just all the talks have been on the surface level isn’t it saying something else?