5 Songs You Must Listen to By Famous K-pop Boy Band BTS

BTS is a Korean boy band well known for their music and the fandom they have. Their music has special messages which reach out to people and help them improve their lives.


BTS is a South Korean boy band which is also known as Bangtan Boys. It was formed under Big Hit Entertainment in 2010 and debuted in 2013. Seven members are part of this group that is RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

BTS has emerged as an artist, from being a small k-pop group to becoming the world’s best boy band. Being at the top of Billboard charts several times with different songs and being nominated for Grammys. Now BTS isn’t just a k-pop boy band who is introducing their music to the world but they have become an artist at a global level. These global stars are brand ambassadors of popular brands. Also, they have attended UN General Assembly twice. Before they were associated with the anti-violence campaign with UNICEF and now they have been appointed as the Special Presidential Envoys for Future Generations and Culture.

The reason they have been appointed as mention above is because of the music they make and the way their music reaches and heals youth. Their music isn’t only imaginative stories but the songs they write and the music they create are stories of their struggles, hard work, and their feelings to which listeners relate and through the morals and messages they gave in songs listener finds hope in life. This is how a listener turns into Army.

BTS songs are relatable and make a person improve themselves as human beings and improve themselves in their life at their pace. Five BTS songs one must listen to are-



This song is all about loving yourself. The lyrics in this song say we should admit that loving ourselves is harder than loving someone else. It also says that there are many flaws in us but those flaws are part of us so rather than hiding and disliking we should accept them and we should love ourselves the way we are.


Epiphany means realization. Here in this song, it’s a realization about how one should love themselves the most even if it’s not enough it is beautiful but rather than waiting and wanting someone to love us it’s better to love ourselves. As we began loving ourselves we will find real us.


The Inner Child is a song for our younger self. In this song, we are telling our younger selves that everything will be fine and all the struggles and sufferings we have gone through are gone now. The dreams you saw when you were a child are the person I am right now. The child who used to laugh comforts me now. This song is dedicated to the younger self to tell them that all the struggles they have faced and all the hard work they have done is accomplished and now they are happy.


It covers the emotions faced by an individual in their life and how those feelings of anxiety, depression, burnout, and loneliness. This song is a reflection of the emotions faced especially during pandemics.


From the same album as blue&grey, Life goes on describes the importance of moving on and adjusting and adapting to the situation we are living in. It also tells that we are not alone in any situation and the way to come out is to hold hand and walk towards the future.

The songs of BTS are a way to understand the importance of life and to understand how important it is to love yourself and find yourself. Every individual should listen to the song to know how significant their existence is.