6 unmissable shoe styles that will instantly upgrade your wardrobe for any occasion

When building a versatile wardrobe it’s essential to have the right apparel for the right occasion. Shoes are one of the most commonly overlooked apparels in our wardrobe. We often use the same shoe with different outfits that downplay our fashion appeal. Here are 6 varieties of shoes that every man should own in no particular order.


Formal leather shoe

Let’s tackle the boring yet most important pick of the lot. A formal leather shoe is a must-have for any man. Suppose someone out of the blue fix you an appointment and is scheduled the next day or you have a serious family meeting to attend, the importance of a formal shoe is undeniable. And make sure that you get either a black or a brown leather formal shoe. Dress to impress.

White Sneaker

This shoe can upscale your fashion statement in no time. One of the most popular and in-demand types of shoe in the market. The compatibility this shoe offer is unmatched. Wear it with jeans, chinos or even with shorts, you’ll never regret the decision. The best out of the pick and a personal favorite. Get your hands on a white sneaker now!!


These usually act as a shoe for occasions that are neither formal nor casual. The idea is to dress to the occasion and nothing can go wrong with a loafer. It is a great match for ankle cut pants and chinos. The market is flooded with cheap synthetic loafers, try avoiding them. Get yourself a good suede, tassel,  penny, or a leather loafer.


This is completely a black and white area. Most of us either love the idea of having a boot or hate it. You don’t buy a pair of boots when casually strolling through a shopping center. It’s a commitment to the entire idea. But I am here to say that having a pair of boots can instantly amplify your fashion statement. Wear it with rugged jeans and see what happens for yourself.


Athleisure Shoes

In the past, these were used as athletic wear but have slowly found a place in the casual market. The comfort, durability, and functionality these shoes offer are unrivaled. Gone were the days when your running shoes looked like proper running shoes. Now, these athleisure shoes are subjected to casual design modification due to huge public demand. Either way, it’s good to have a sports shoe hanging around.


This is a no-brainer. We all have owned a pair of sneakers at some point in our life. Now that you got your hands on a white sneaker make sure that you get something in a dark shade. This acts as an alternative and can be used on a wide variety of occasions.