A big twist in the fairytale- Cinderella becomes Sneakerella

We all have grown up listening to and watching fairytales in our childhood. 2021 brought a change in these old school stories and misery life of ancient times into more progressive and connecting to this world. Cinderella that starred Camila Cabello had an altogether different version of the fairytale; a girl who wants to be a designer and sell her dresses in the name of Dresses by Ella. The Selena Gomez version of Cinderella who aspires to be a dancer, the modern version of Cinderella in Hilary Duff movie, and many adaptations have been seen past two decades.

Now there is a huge change in the fairytale that will blow your mind. This adaption is based on a teenage boy who wants to become a shoe designer but can’t as he is not financially stable and needs to earn some livelihood from his father’s shop. He gets an opportunity to showcase his talent at a ball party with a princess. Yes, the tables have turned there will be a princess charming and a shoe to find the man of dreams. The most important thing of all is that it is starring people of color. This is an enormous change; we usually see a beautiful girl with blonde hair and white skin and a tall, dark, and handsome guy(just that it’s a saying, they are not dark in color).

Disney has brought a metamorphosis in the folklore by bringing people of color to have their own version of Cinderella or should we say Sneakerella. This is one of depicting that some discrimination is in the folklore but here is our chance to rectify that. The concept of shoes is actually very interesting as back in time shoes were very depicted very designer like made of glass and crystals. So why not bring the fairy-godmother as the shoe designer and give some credit.