A peek into one of the world’s most expensive villas

The Villa La Loepolda is a large detached villa from the Villefranche-sur-Mer in the Alps Maritimes on the French Riviera. Situated on 18 acres of ground had many notable owners. La Loepolda invokes the style of the Belle Époque, which is registered as a French monument. The villa was used as the location of Lermontov’s villa in 1948 film The Red Shoes. The heroine climbs the steps to the villa thinking that she’s been invited to dinner. Instead she would be given the starring role in the new ballet. Once it was known as the most expensive estate in the world with a value of $750 millions, but the current value has been dropped by almost $550 millions and now costs $102 millions as per the latest reports by Forbes.It has a spine chilling and picturesque natural beauty. The villa includes spiral staircase, balconies and terraces have a lakefront view, a fireplace, a pool and loads of features inside. The plantation around it is mostly the Olive Cypress and lemon trees which require 50 gardens to maintain it. In February, the richest Russian Mikhail Prokhovov had paid $55 millions deposit to acquire the villa but unknowingly backed out. Now the current owner of this villa is Lily Safra who is Brazilian philanthropist and widow of a Lebanese banker William Safra.