A Rising Young & Visionary Indian Entrepreneur Outshines Mahindra’s And Jhunjhunwala’s.

Lockdown phases 1 & 2, was indeed not favorable for anyone unless you are from a pharmaceutical background, frontline workers, or from an edtech company.

You must be wondering why an edtech company?  But when studies and education shifted to online mode, edtech companies flourished especially the ones who are existing participants in this and have the trust and confidence of learners.

In this duration, Byju Raveendran ( Indian entrepreneur) and family, Co-founder of Byju’s is an online learning company for students, holds a wealth of 24,300 crore INR declared in IIFL Wealth Hurrun Rich List 2021, Ranking of 67th from 504 in 2017, the income of Byju and their family precisely rise their to 19%  in the same year.



The news is catching so much heat because this time because Byju Raveendran and their family left behind the ornated names of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala & family whose wealth is equal to 22,300 crore INR, Anand Mahindra & family wealth in total 22,000 crore INR.

But this has to happen because acquisition the list of Byju’s is very extended every almost every  company is working under Byju’s, The great learning ($600 million), Toppr ($150 million), Epic ($500 million), WhiteHat jr. ($300 million), and a notable mention Akash Educational Services AESL ($1 billion)