Aayushmann Khurrana most awaited movie hits the cinemas in December

The teaser of Aayushmann Khurrana’s Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui was very promising with more than 100 million views and the trailer is breaking that record. Aayushmann’s movies are very informative and with a social message in society.

The trailer opens up with the character of Aayushmann making muscles and getting ready for a body-building competition and a certified gym trainer. They hire a Zumba teacher which happens to be Vaani and the hottest Zumba teacher he meets. They hang out and fall in love but when it comes to marrying Vanni, she unveils something that astonishes him and he immediately calls off the relationship. All of his family asks to marry Vaani but he can’t as something she told him that he did not expect at all.

Here is something that might be there in the movie which could be that Vaani might be a transwoman or something more than this. The film has the flavor of Chandigarh with flair, catchy and flashy songs, packed with some emotional drama as well. It would be a beautiful, progressive love story that will also touch your heart. Everyone is supremely excited about the physical transformation that will have to undergo. Nothing is more joyful than to see the film heading for a theatrical release soon. As the trailer drops, people will surely be thrilled to see Ayushmann and Vaani in this avatar, and also love is love and the same for all. It gives an important message for the LGBTQ+ people about a loving person, not gender.