Accessories which will ensure you have a clutter free table

Now, with the work-from-home culture embedded in our system, our desks have become extremely important. The tidiness of the desk cannot be guaranteed when the deadlines are looming around your head. Save your sanity and make your desk more spacious, organized and more productive. From reducing the piles of paper work, to reducing the scattering of things, these modern accessories will help you maintain a clutter free desk.

1. Cable Management Tray, 16 inches Under Desk Cable 
This sturdy and extra durable Cable Tray Organizer helps with managing messy wires and power adapters that plague today’s work desks. It can also be installed under your bookcase to store your accessories.

2. Tidy Up! Wire Bin
Useful for enclosing all types of AC adapters, chargers, USB Hubs, excess wires & cables, spike busters & power strips of maximum 4 sockets. Safe for children also and is efficient for managing your power strips and is also available in three colors – White, Black & Brown.

3. STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand
To prevent your computer from overheating, the laptop stand has large cut-out vents and adjustable height options that allow air to circulate from all sides and thus, is well vented. It can be easily folded and is highly durable and enough to withstand weight of 25kgs. It helps your laptop of tablet to raise from 2.7″ to 6.7″
so you can get a clearer, glare-free view while getting neck pain relief and preventing eye strain.

4. Mtank Bamboo Desktop Keyboard Organizer
The organization of the workplace promotes efficient and relaxed work. Thanks to the practical cable gland, mobile phone and tablet are easily charged. Keyboard and mouse under the shelf disappear in the blink of an eye for writing or drawing on a free table or for other creative tasks. The tablet or iPad is easily placed in the utensil, for example to watch videos or read texts. All this resulting in more worksapce. This desk accessory is particularly very elegant thanks to its fine grain and high build quality. It is made from 100% vertically pressed Moso bamboo, which allows it to support up to 20 kg. In addition, it is easy to clean and suitable for food use.

5. ORICO 7 Channel Desk Cable Clips Cable Manager
This product prevents the entangling of the wires and arranges it systematically. Also can recognize them quickly and won’t mix them up. It keeps resilience as the material is neither too soft nor too hard and provides effortless removal of the cords. The best part is that it can manage 7 cables or wires blow 5 mm simultaneously, the desktop get orderly right away.