According to reports, Instagram sold 44 million blue ticks for $660 million

Early this month, Meta announced the debut of a brand-new service called “Meta Verified,” where users may pay a monthly subscription to get a blue check mark next to their username as a kind of verification.

Facebook and Instagram verifications were available to users for $11.99 on the web and $14.99 on iOS.
A waiting list and the launch were both revealed on Instagram stories. This caused people to hurry towardsMeta to get the blue check mark that has recently become the ultimate status indicator next to their username. The blue check used to be designated for prominent brands, journalists, politicians, and celebrities. Now, regular people can purchase a blue checkmark for $14.99 after authenticating their accounts with government documentation.

Further security checks and the ability to chat with a live person about account concerns are two additional advantages for verified subscribers. These advantages may have contributed to Instagram’s ability to sell 44 million verifications in a single day, as many users have voiced complaints about Meta’s customer support while dealing with account-related issues.

The corporation claims that individuals must be at least 18 years old to use the verification service, and businesses will not be able to use it. The accounts that have previously been validated using the earlier criteria won’t see any changes, according to Meta.

Investors should anticipate the launch of further premium features by the company in the upcoming months in light of Meta’s enormous success in selling 44 million blue checks in a single day.