Actor Kang Tae Oh Planned To Join For His Required Military Service In The Months Of August to September.

The actor is getting close to the age requirement of 30 for performing his required military service. Although many have offered to take his place, Kang Tae Oh will soon have to enlist.

The actor will have to join in his service at some point this year, according to Kang Tae Oh’s agency Man of Creation. He hasn’t yet received a notice of conscription, though. His agency also stated that he would likely enlist in the army despite the actor’s desire to join the Marine Corps or the Republic of Korea Navy due to his muscular physique and love of exercise.

The following news shocked the fans the most. Kang Tae Oh intends to enlist as early as the end of August or the middle of September, according to Man of Creation. This coincides with the August 18 conclusion of his ongoing drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” If the actor does join the military in early September, he will serve for 18 months and then be out of the public eye by the beginning of 2024.

Fans of Kang Tae Oh appear to be having the time of their lives as the actor becomes well-known worldwide thanks to the success of his ongoing drama, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, on ENA. Kang Tae Oh’s portrayal of Lee Jun Ho has received praise for its tenderness, along with actor Park Eun Bin’s portrayal of the title role of lawyer Woo Young Woo.