Add some adventure and thrill by visiting these 5 amusement parks in Andhra Pradesh

Amusement parks and water parks are centre of attractions in any city. The main reason behind it is that there is no age restriction for places like that. There are plenty of amusement parks and water parks in Andhra Pradesh as well. The best and must visit ones are given below.

1. Mount Opera Multi-Theme Park Resort, Hyderabad
If you wish to experience adventure then this should be your go to place. From Ferris Wheel to Columbus, you can take your pick and experience the rides you want. The resort also has other quirky rides including the Jumping Frogs, Thrillarium and Alien Planet. For people who love water sports, this place is home to a Waterworld where one can enjoy rides like wave pool, water slides and rain dance among others.

2. Snow World
It’s all about snow at the Snow World in   Hyderabad!  Head to Snow World to feel the magic of snow and indulge in other fun activities. Once you are in, you will find plenty of snow around you! The whole setting reminds you of Polar Bears, Alpine trees, penguins and igloos. It is home to slides, play area, sculptures and mountains all made of snow. Also, you’ll find an Ice Hotel that has been beautifully done. You will be provided with warm jackets, water proof shoes, socks and gloves to keep you warm while you enjoy the ambiance to the hilt. So go on, have your own snow adventure here!

3. Jalvihar Family Entertainment Park
Located on the famous Necklace Road, Jalavihar Family Entertainment Park  promises unlimited fun for you and your family. There are huge “Party Zones” which is best for corporate functions and hige family functions. There are not just thrilling rides but all of them are just one of a kind! When here, don’t miss out on the wave pool, float slide, air hockey, battery bikes and the rain dance.

4. NTR Manasa Sarovar Park
It is one the attractions from tourist spot in Gurnur. It is a man-made park that was named after Shri N.T. Rama Rao. Since, it is home to Crazy World Water park – an amusement park, this place makes for an amazing adventurous affair for the visitors. Located on the Chennai-Howrah NH5, this park is running under the supervision of UDA and GMC together. Also, it encapsulates within a beautiful garden where you can relax and have a peaceful time with friends and family.

5. Ocean Park
Far from Hyderabad by just 15km, this is a place to enjoy unlimited doses of fun and entertainment. People venturing in Hyderabad ate most likely to pay a visit here. There has been a constant increase in the number of rides as well as in popularity.