Add these Superfoods to your winter diet to keep your body warm in winters

There are certain food items which you often come across in your Markets and may have thought it to be just ordinary but they show up as the Superfoods which would keep ourselves Warm in Winters.

The Falling of Leaves has marked the onset of Winters, the season where chapped lips and cracked heels are frequently seen. However, apart from that Winters are known for the Exotic Superfoods which not only taste magical but also have otherworldly health benefits. Now, in Winters we are most likely to feel the chills and would be yearning hard to keep ourselves warm. When the Winters enter, the freezing and crisp weather gets over us making us contract Cold, Cough, Flu, etc. It’s when we need to take special care of our Immunity System and Health. You would be amazed to know that there are certain food items which you often come across in your Markets and may have thought it to be just ordinary but they show up as the Superfoods which would keep ourselves Warm in Winters.

Now mark it that these everyday foods will not only make your Immune System Healthy and keep you warm but also heal your Chapped Lips, Skin, and Cracked Heels.

Let’s discuss the Top 5 Superfoods that would keep us Warm in Winters.


Ghee ( Clarified Butter)

Indian households and the use of Ghee/ Clarified Butter go hand in hand. Indians could never imagine their meal without a hefty amount of Ghee. Now, Ghee is considered a miraculous food when taken in a generous amount. Ghee is known to be a perfect food item for weight management as it keeps you warm and increases Metabolism. A Tablespoon of Ghee in any of your food items can do wonders because it increases body heat, eventually keeping you warm.

Consuming Ghee in a minimal amount can prove nutritious for your body. Applying Warm Ghee to Chapped Lips has been known to make your Lips soft and supper overnight, making them look healthy and pink. Applying a small amount of Ghee to your Belly Button/ Navel has shown signs of getting rid of pimples/acne and their marks in no less than 2 days. Add Ghee to your food in your Winter Diet Regime and see the changes.

Dry Fruits will never leave your Skin Dry and Chapped

 Dry Fruits are popular because of their nutritious value and people tend to consume them every day because of it’s magical health benefits. Dry Fruits such as Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Raisins, Dried Apricots, etc are not only consumed raw but also are used in various food items to enhance the taste quotient. In some parts of India, mainly in Andhra Pradesh, Dried Apricot is used as a Winter superfood in their desserts because it keeps your body warm and cozy.

Eating at least 5-7 almonds a day also helps in your Weight Loss Process as it has healthy fats and also is known to sharpen your brain functioning. Adding crushed almonds to 250 ml of milk and consuming it daily has shown a higher proportion of brain functioning in Kids and Adults. Eating at least 7-10 Raisins daily has treated constipation.

With all these benefits, adding Dry Fruits to your Winter Diet would not only make you warm but also present you with bonus benefits.


Honey will make you Glow like a Lamp


Extraction of Honey from Beeswax is considered the most demanding and difficult job but the results are life-saving. Honey is considered one of the most underrated yet miraculous superfoods and when consumed in Winters, it has shown tremendous results.

You may have seen the ads where a fitness-freak lady consumes Lemon and Honey with Lukewarm water and claims that it helps in weight loss. Undoubtedly, it helps in Weight Loss because Honey boosts metabolism which keeps your body warm and you end up shedding some pounds which your actively enhanced metabolism.

Applying Honey and Sugar Pack to exfoliate your Chapped Lips will make your lips fuller, pinkish and soft. Even adding honey to your homemade face pack will add an extraordinary glow to your face. With all these benefits, doesn’t it feel tempting to try this superfood in your everyday diet?

Spices will Spike your Body Heat

 Indian households tend to add a whole bunch of spices to their dishes to make them taste extraordinarily delicious and mouth-watering. But deep down, devouring the delicious delicacies we forget the benefits of Spices. Spices are considered to spike your body heat because of the Ayurvedic benefits mentioned in ancient texts. Earlier people used to grind several dry spices into a powdered form and use it in their meals because it not only provides peace to your taste buds but also spikes up your body temperature and metabolism.

We would suggest that if you don’t want to spend your money on Dry Fruits and other exotic foods which would increase your body heat, try a cup of spiced Tea as your Evening Snacks, and don’t miss out to let us know how it feels. It will feel terrifically warm and comfortable in the nippy winter weather.

Jaggery will add Sweetness to your life

Last but not the least, in the list, we have Jaggery as a superfood. Jaggery has always given priority over sugar for a healthy lifestyle because of its low carb content. But little does everyone know about its phenomenal benefits and the science behind Jaggery as a healthier alternative for Sugar.

Firstly, while producing Jaggery from Sugarcane no chemical catalysts are used and it has its nutrients and mineral salts. Jaggery is known to make your Digestion better and more rapid because it stimulates the production of Digestive Enzymes. Jaggery is considered a medical remedy for cough, cold, and flu. Jaggery is also assessed to have a relaxing property for nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. Jaggery is known to eliminate bad breath.

The point which needs to be highlighted is apart from all these Jaggeries produce the required amount of heat to keep your body warm in the winter months. Try adding a medium piece of Jaggery in your every meal to speed up digestion and increase metabolism.

It can be guessed that every household has this above-mentioned superfood in their Kitchen and if not then go to the Supermarket and get these as soon as possible because Winter has started and with time it will get colder day by day. Add these Superfoods to your Winter Diet and share your results in the comments section below.