Airtel price hike by 20-25%, here’s everything you need to know about it

Bharti Airtel increases the prices of its prepaid plans by 20-25% and the new rates will apply from November 26. Bharti Airtel is the second largest telecom industry in India and so increase in its prices will have a significant impact on the entire industry. Even though the prices increased the benefits of all the plans remain more or less the same, there is no significant change in the plans. The company says, the reason for price hike is to increase the average rate per user (ARPU) for the company to maintain a good financial model. The company gave a statement on Monday, the average rate per revenue needs to be improved so as to provide better return on capital. Increase in rates is also required to widen the network and it will also provide room for 5G to roll out in India. Airtel’s base plan will now cost Rs. 99 instead of 79 and premium plan will now cost 2,999 instead of 2,498. This sudden increase in price leads to various questions like quality of service, network range coming up by the people. Airtel added 2.74 lakh new users in month of September. The number of subscribers stands at 35.44 crore in month of September. The good days of cheap mobile plans maybe on the verge of ending. A day after Airtel announced it’s price hike even Vodafone Idea (VI) made a statement regarding increase in its price too. Even Vodafone Idea (VI) increased its prices by 20-25% and the base plan of both the companies cost the same. We are still not sure so as how this will impact the society and industry. we could possibly notice increase in prices of JIO too.