AleXa Announces Dates And Cities For 2022 U.S. Tour, Tap To Know The Dates

AleXa officially unveiled her travel plans for her October 2022 US tour on August 3, local time. She will visit eight different cities.

AleXa will perform in Puerto Rico on October 20, Atlanta on October 22, Chicago on October 23, Oklahoma City on October 25, Houston on October 27, San Francisco on October 28, and Los Angeles on October 30 after kicking things off in Jersey City on October 18.

K-pop star AleXa, who is Korean-American, did precisely that. She participated in the American Song Contest, modelled after Eurovision, and sang Wonderland to represent Oklahoma, where she is from. On May 9, AleXa triumphed, winning the prize for best original song in a massive public vote. She will perform Wonderland at the Billboard Music Awards as the contest’s winner and appear in a T-Mobile commercial. Additionally, Wonderland will be broadcast on US iHeartRadio stations. Through Rising Legends, an online audition run by the Korean pop culture news website Soompi, she first dipped her toes into the K-pop world.

She won first place in the competition’s dance tier in both 2016 and 2017, but she didn’t sign a deal with either of the labels affiliated with the Rising Legends, JYP Entertainment or Cube Entertainment. AleXa decided to work for ZB Label, a division of Zanybros, a video production company.