Alia Bhatt shines during Brahmastra promotions while pregnant in a beautiful floral-print dress costing Rs 7,000.

While promoting her upcoming movie Brahmastra, Alia Bhatt, who is expecting her first child with husband Ranbir Kapoor, is extremely busy. The actress also made statements about her mother’s fashion while doing this.

She launched another eye-catching maternity wear on Friday. The soon-to-be mother dons a gorgeously patterned mini dress and embraces the healing power of flowers. The diva showed off her baby bump in a ruched satin dress with a provocative plunging neckline. She also wears a similar jacket over her outfit.

The outfit Alia is wearing belongs to Jenn. The two-piece set includes a satin pink mini dress and matching trench coat, both covered in floral prints. While the jacket has large lapels and padded shoulders, the dress has a neckline and centered drawstring. Alia keeps her fashion style simple, letting the colorful items speak for themselves. She chose a pair of large gold rings to complement her outfit.

We inform you that Alia’s floral print outfit is also sold online. The price of the dress and jacket combo is Rs 7,500. Currently, the costume is on sale. The website says the initial cost is Rs 15,000.