Alia Bhatt’s Darlings is now Streaming on Netflix, Tap to Know More!!

Darlings starring Alia Bhatt, and Vijay Varma is now streaming on Netflix.

Darlings is a dark comedy that gives us an understanding of a mother-daughter duo who try to find their place in  Mumbai, seeking courage and love in struggling situations, they fight against all odds to fit in there. The movie stars Alia Bhatt along with Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma, and Roshan Mathew in pivotal roles.

The teaser of the movie was released 2 weeks ago and it was announced on Friday, 22nd July, that the Trailer of Darlings will be released on Monday, 25th July. The trailer of the movie is also out now. The trailer looks very interesting where we can see that Alia Bhatt tries to find her Husband and also she doesn’t like him as he hits her a lot. The movie looks extremely Dark and that’s what makes the movie interesting to watch.

Bollywood actor, Alia Bhatt has recently turned into a producer and her maiden production film ‘Darlings’ and it was set to release today, 5th August at 12.30 pm. Darlings is now Streaming  on Netflix for all the subscribers to watch. The movie’s trailer shows domestic violence against men as it is shown that Alia Bhatt hits Vijay Varma a lot in the movie and it’s safe to say that she tortures him.

Several trends related to the trailer were trending on twitter. People wanted to boycott Alia Bhatt and the Movie Darlings as it promotes domestic violence against men and people went furious with this. Even though such trends are trending the Movie is out now and the hype for this dark comedy is beyond the charts.

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