Allu Arjun Shares Pic With Cigar, Fans Wonder If Its Pushpa 2 Look !

On Instagram, Allu Arjun posted a picture of himself smoking a cigar. He shared it and added the statement, “cigar smoking is harmful to health.” His fans immediately began speculating that the image might be of him from the Pushpa sequel as soon as he released it.
He posted the image and captioned it, “Caution: Cigar smoking is extremely harmful to health.” Allu can be seen in the image donning a black leather jacket over a red shirt. He had black goggles as an accessory, and his hair was partially white.

“What a transformation, man”! said one fan. ” You never cease to amaze us.”  One more remarked, “OMG! Is this the version of you from Pushpa 2? Another person who made a similar remark said, “This photo is giving me Pushpa vibes.” One person complimented Arjun’s appearance and added, “That cigar can just get lit like that, doesn’t need a lighter #sassy.”

Allu Arjun is regarded as a regional cinema fashionista and earned the moniker “stylish star.” He has a cult following among the general public thanks to his charisma, swagger, and dance moves. Allu has gained national attention since the release of his most recent blockbuster, Pushpa: The Rise. The audience observes his every social interaction.