Amazon conquers Apple privacy changes in digital advertising business

Amazon’s wide-ranging data of customers’ shopping minimizes its reliance on tracking info provided by Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

Digital advertising arena, Amazon seems winning over its rivals #Facebook and #Snap, pulling through Apple’s privacy policies. It has reduced its dependence on the tracking information provided by Apple’s iOS system. 

Alphabet Inc. and other ecommerce giants collect encyclopedic data from user’s search habits. This has reported an increase by 41% in the Google advertising revenue for the third quarter. This is a clear indication that businesses that depend less on targeted ads are able to overpower Apple’s limitations on tracking mobile users. 

On Thursday itself, Amazon reported its earnings and didn’t break out its ad sales, but kept it in its “other” business sections.

Apple’s advertising business has overflowed since it stopped advertisers from tracking iPhone users without their consent in April, taking over the market shares of Facebook, Instagram and Snap. The iPhone maker will report fourth-quarter results on Thursday.

As per the performance marketing manager at SupplyKick, Eduardo Cruz, Google and Amazon needs customers who are already in search of something so that they don’t rely on the cookies much. 

According to a data firm data report, max Facebook users access the platform using a mobile and only 15% of them go through an iPhone or iPad. Thus, Amazon’s ads can be a powerful way to reach customers and increase purchases. And for brand selling a physical product. Due to the pandemic, more people are indulged into online shopping and social media platforms which made the digital advertising markets flourish exponentially.