Amazon plans on supporting ten startups using generative AI worldwide

In 2016, conversational AI was the focus of Amazon’s initial venture into the realm of accelerator programmes intended to aid early-stage entrepreneurs in developing and launching. Seven years later, Amazon has launched a new AI accelerator, this time under the direction of Amazon Web Services and with a focus on the most recent zeitgeist: generative AI.

AWS has developed a 10-week programme for generative AI businesses worldwide, it was announced today.

The founders of the cohort’s generative AI firms may look forward to individualized go-to-market advice, exposure to AI models and tools, and machine learning optimization. San Francisco hosts a Demo Day to round out the programme.

AWS does not presently invest in businesses and does not have an AI/ML investment arm. Successful candidates will receive AWS credits of up to $300,000 to help them grow their enterprises. According to the organization, ten businesses will be chosen, and applications are being taken for the next two weeks.

AWS’ Global Head of Startups Howard Wright provided some specificity in a blog post announcing the accelerator as to who may fully benefit; startup companies that have a minimum viable The largest benefit will go to products that have traction with customers, are actively developing product value proposals, and are already developing on AWS, according to Wright. Notwithstanding the company’s assurances to the contrary, Wright offered some further information.