An artist’s eye cherishes the art-BTS RM showcases that life is free

Kim Namjoon aka RM of BTS recently posted on his Instagram a sculpture made of wood and captioned Life is free in Korean.

He mostly posts about art and culture. The rap monster seems to be an art lover and hence posts a lot of life and leisure. He cherishes every movement in his life and his army also likes when he posts surrealistic objects. The BTS members joined Instagram in late December before the year-end and within minutes of joining they gathered a million followers. As we go by his posts he shares lots of memories with other members and in this break that the Bangtan boys have taken to refresh and rejuvenate they keep updating their fans with posts.

The BTS leader was recently diagnosed with Covid and fans have showered them #Getwellsoon hashtags along with Jin and Suga. If we look at his previous posts he loves to paint, read books and visit museums and art galleries.

Life is free- as he captioned the image creates an illusion of life being priceless and so is art. One must cherish what one has and reap the benefits of what one neglects. Posted hours ago and already the army is going crazy with it; not to forget already crossed more than a million likes. RM here seems to be philosophical about uncertainties of life and the unpredictable fact of how life is dramatized and what that it appeals to in a tough world; it’s molded, heated at high pressure and temperature, and a diamond is produced from coal. This is the truth of life facing challenges and triumph in end.