An extraordinary celebration of world rhino day for concern on extinction of rhino’s


On the date 22. September world rhino day is observed to spread worldwide awareness on the extinction of rhinos and saying strong No to smuggling horns of rhinos. In international makes, the only horn of the rhino is sold up to $ 60,000 but it not only costs monetary value but costs a life a rhino. This is the reason why the population of rhinos in India and the world is reducing significantly and now rhinos fall under endangered species.

Thanks to social media and conscious human beings on planet earth so from now people are understanding the significance and consequences of animals extinction. And preserving fauna and flora and taking this huge responsibility to protect wildlife at any cost.


Some interesting news popped up on world rhino day which is very positive in a step towards a better upbringing from the society.

Approx. 2500 horns of rhino smoked down to ashes, accumulated from smuggling by the Assam forest department in Kaziranga national park. The process of burning was done according to Vedic Sanskriti and on this remarkable measure by Assam Forest Department, Chief Minister of Assam said:

“We organized this event to convey to the world that rhino horns are just a mass of compacted hair and they have no medicinal value. We urge people not to kill these rare animals or buy their horns based on superstitions or myths,”