Anushka Sharma shared self-care mantras on Grazia’s studio


After being a mother of a beautiful daughter, Vaamika. Anushka Sharma is back again on her game and after a long maternity break, Anushka posted her photoshoot photos continuously on her Instagram account and by the magazine in their official Twitter handle. Anushka Sharma dressed and posed for Bollywood gossip and buzz magazine, Grazia India.

In her first photo, Anushka Sharma shred her lifestyle secrets after being a mother how she managed to be mentally stable and keep calm in situations let see few. “I used to love to plan and prepare everything in life, but when you’re thrown curve-balls, you just have to take things as they come. I’ve also learnt that taking care of my mind is now a 24/7 job.” shares #Anushka on how motherhood changed the way she has approached self-care.”

“Mental health and the importance of taking a break has now gained prominence. However, it needs to be acknowledged that a packed schedule doesn’t make you a better worker. As a creative individual, you have to allow yourself that breathing room, and re-invent.”

“My biggest understanding of life in the past few years has been that you cannot get attached to any identity of yours because it’s all very fickle. I am an actor and a mother, both of which have taken up a lot of time in my life. But neither role defines me completely.”

“I am so much more comfortable in my skin today than I was before, even when I had that ‘perfect body’. I’ve realised that it’s a state of mind, it has nothing to do with how you look,”