Appetising and Inviting dishes from Irish cuisine

The loveliness of Ireland is not hidden but unfortunately, the tenderness and the amazing aroma of Irish cuisine is hidden from most of us. It’s always nice to try something new and Irish cuisine is one of the cuisines which is you should give a try at least once. So, here are some simple Irish recipes that you can make at home with any headache. 

1. Irish Stew :

Irish Stew is the soul of Irish cuisine this dish is very traditional and prominent in any Irish occasion of joy, the key to making perfect stew is very simple the more you cook in low flame much better the taste and aroma will divulge.  Cooked with some onion, carrot garlic, potatoes is simmered in voice water with some lamb and meat until the lamb becomes tender.

2. Soda Bread :

Soda bread’s taste is more like normal bread a little bit more fluffy inside because of its shape and extra soda than usual. Unlike other bread, soda bread is baked in a dough ball, Soda bread is made from a simple mixture of flour, salt, buttermilk, and baking soda. The buttermilk and baking soda’s reaction gives the bread its iconic bubbled, uneven texture.

3. Boxty :

Boxty is savoury pancakes made in Irish cuisine, mashed potatoes mixed with some chillies, salt and pepper and cooked in a pan in a little amount of oil until it turns golden brown. And for more enhanced texture buttermilk and baking soda is also added to the mixture and served with cream sauces.

4. Champ & Colcannons :

Champ is a part of the Irish platter and very praised street food made with mashed potatoes recipe which is mixed with scallions ( spring onions) butter, milk. Colcannons is nothing but the same as champ but topped with cabbage instead of scallions.