Apple becomes the first tech giant to ban caste-based discrimination

Tech giant Apple currently prohibits caste discrimination and has issued a code of conduct for American employees. A caste restriction was added to the company’s general employee code of conduct two years ago, along with provisions prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender, age, religion, ethnic race and inheritance.

The idea of ​​caste, well known to Indians, may not be familiar to managers and employees in the United States. As a result, Apple has also begun training on the topic to help its employees better understand the new law. .

When Cisco Systems was sued by the California employment agency on behalf of an engineer alleging that two upper-class supervisors hindered its development, the upgrade allegedly took place in June 2020 The incident sparked off what is considered the first employment dispute in the United States to transcend possible casteism and force major internet companies to confront a reality that seems to extend beyond India’s borders. .

IBM also seems to have updated its anti-class regulatory policy, joining Apple. IBM is now ready to offer class-related training courses for its managers.

Apple says it has a “diverse” global team and that its policies reflect the new changes being made. The company’s new employment policy states that Apple “does not discriminate in hiring, training, hiring, or promotion on the basis of” race, color, ancestry, national origin, caste , religion, creed or age.” This also includes disability, sexual orientation and gender. The policy has eighteen categories.