Apple may not launch the self-driving iCar

The production of self-driving cars involves a mass liability risks and is also expensive. Even SAE International is facing up to the reality that self-driving is a complex and cost-prohibitive feature in privately-owned passenger vehicles.

As Apple is renowned for it technology and qualitative products but still the iCar will be its first fully self automative functioning car. Rumours of the iCar sent lidar stocks soaring, but I’m left wondering why Apple would use lidar at all when it is most likely to use tested, proven and validated technology such as cameras and radar.

The Apple car doesn’t need to compare with Elon Musk’s Tesla and its every produced car in line. Also, the probability of a self-driving car is very less as Tim Cook is too smart to take a chance when there is cheaper and safer option available which doesn’t involve lot of risk or legal danger. After all he also has to look that the brand name doesn’t get spoiled.

The rumours that iCar will roll on its production in 2024 are accurate then if on automotive timescales the vehicle design is already mostly complete, even if only virtually as a “digital twin.” Apple will already be working with tier one and tier two suppliers, so we won’t have to look very far for some major clues.