Apple releases iOS 16 Public beta, check out the features now!!

Apple previewed iOS 16 a couple of months ago and now it is available in public beta which means one can try the operating system’s new features ahead of the public release. The main features of iOS 16 include communication, personalization, and privacy, it offers upgrades to your iPhone lock screen, Messages app, and Wallet. It is also expected that the new software will work on iPhone 8 models and newer ones.

Here are some of the features of iOS 16 you should know:

  • Now embarrassing typos are a thing of the past as you can now edit the sent messages or if you accidentally send an unfinished message, you can use the Undo send tool to prevent it from being read. If you don’t have time to respond to a message you can mark messages and threads as unread.
  • iOS 16 brings the most substantial update which is a new customizable lock screen, each style changes the color filter for the background photo and the font too complements each other. You can even set up multiple customized lock screens with different widgets and easily swipe to switch between them.
  •  Notifications can cover up your lock screen’s photo, so iOS 16 moves notifications to the bottom of your display. As you receive them, instead of being compiled into a list, they shall now appear like a vertical carousel.
  • Skip CAPTCHAs now using private access tokens
  • Apple Pay will now support new types of payments and adds new features called Pay Later and now you can track orders and let merchant deliver detailed receipts and track your information.
  • Now you’ll be able to plan trips with up to 15 different stops along the way. If you start planning a trip with the Maps app on your Mac, you’ll be able to share that to your iPhone.

Users are loving the availability of public beta of iOS 16, check out some of the reactions below: