Back from the dead, Disney+ resurrect ‘Star Wars: Detours’

Star Wars is probably the most loved movie franchise ever to be made and is an absolute fan favorite. It has started out with a movie and then branched out to animations, series, spin-offs all of them have seen ultimate success and lots of love all over the world. There were a lot of new alternate stories and fan stories that picked up traction over the decade.

But one in particular Titled, “Star Wars: Detours” was an instant talk of the town.

George Lucas for years was trying to create an animated series for the fans but couldn’t complete the idea. This happened when Disney bought Lucasfilm and gave them a new path that revolved around original movies rather than animations. However, the animated series was halfway and was eventually dumped.

But now it is rumored that the animated series is all set for Disney+ release this May. the project was commissioned to restart and completed to release next month and inside sources say that by May first week the series will hit the silver screen. It is also reported that around 39 episodes were previously shot and the project involves a total of 52 episodes. However, the runtime of each episode is unknown. The series will not be a sequel to the existing universe but an alternate parody to the existing Star Wars universe with the original character in it. The producers hope that this will give a soothing experience for the otherwise high intensity of the Star Wars franchise. The show is created by George Lucas and written by Brendan Hay. Todd Grimes directs this 52 episode series which is reportedly split into 2 seasons. The voice cast includes Seth Green, Dee Bradley Baker, Anthony Daniels, Ahmed Best, Zachary Levi, Felicia Day, Seth McFarlane, and many more.