Back to office essentials to have on your desk!

The offices are opening back again, of course, you missed your office and colleagues but still, you’ve to compromise the comfort of your work from bed even if you don’t want to. So here are some desk essentials and precautions you should take when you go back to the office.

1) Sanitizer

This is a must-have thing on your desk. Carry an alcohol-based sanitizer or Soap paper of your own. Also, try to avoid sharing it with others.

2)Disinfectant Spray

Again, you must keep a disinfectant spray on your desk. Disinfect your laptops or desktop and desk at the beginning of your day. In case some package or parcel is delivered to you, disinfectant the package 1st then only start opening it.

3) Power Bank or Chargers

Of course whenever your battery died your co-workers were there for the rescue and still are but as I said the virus is still here so try to avoid borrowing these things from anyone and keep these things close to you on your desk.

4) Pen stand/ Stationery Organizer

Try not to borrow pens and stationery from each other and keep these organized in your customized or favourite pen stand or an organizer.

5) Filing Rack

Keep all your files and other things close on your desk in a filing rack or an organizer it’ll look good and also it’s safe to have your things in an organized manner rather than lying here and there, where you don’t know who’ll touch it.

6) Desk Dustbin

Of course, you feel lazy or you’re too busy to go up to the dustbin in between the alleyway. So keep this miniature desk dustbin and throw your used tissues, pencil’s remain after sharpening or small plastic cups in it.

But do not forget to take out the trash in an actual dustbin.

7) A small plant

After all these essential things have little house plants/tiny succulents on your desk to make your desk a little lively and cute looking. DO NOT forget to take care of your plant.