Beating Ruling Comapnies ; Truecaller Is Now the Third Larget Communication Company In India

Truecaller, an application developed to know who is calling when an incoming call is not from your contact list, messaging services, and after some updates and modifications, the true caller also provides the service of video calling, voice calling chat options, and money transactions.

But. No one ever thought that Swedish a caller identifying and spam call controlling companies will overrule Unacademy and Swiggy, become India’s third-largest communication service platform after WhatsApp and Facebook.

Alan Mamedi, Founder in chief of Swedish Co. Truecaller confirmed that 69% of its total revenues they earn from India, more statistics show that 76.8% of overall 215.5 Million active users are from India. So any minor inconvenience in service to Indian users or jumbling up with Indian Governments privacy policy will cost heavy the for true caller.

Total Revenue generated by Truecaller is estimated at USD 32.95 Million in the first half of the year 2011, and And roster growth up to 12.9 Million USD from the year 2020. India is the reason for 31% of this revenue and a great 69% is from other countries.

“Today marks a monumental milestone in Truecaller’s history. A fantastic journey began twelve years ago that has resulted in Trucaller becoming the leading global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communication with 280 million active users and more than half a billion app downloads. Now begins a new chapter to make tomorrow’s communication smarter, safer, and more efficient. Nami and I look forward to continuing Truecaller’s growth journey together with existing and new shareholders” Mamedi said.

Truecaller is looking forward to using this revenue in the development and upgradations work to provide promising assistance to its users and explore more new features add to make the application more beneficial and worth having.