Benny Blanco Teases A Collab with BTS, Check Out Now!

With BTS being one of the biggest names in the music industry at present, there have been many international acts that have been craving to collaborate with the HYBE boy group. With the merger of HYBE Labels with Scooter Braun’s label Ithaca Holdings, fans had been anticipating collabs between BTS and popular artists like Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber.

But it seems like, before that, BTS could possibly collaborate with the American record producer Benny Blanco. Back in May 2022, Benny Blanco collaborated with BTS as he made a remix of three of ARMY’s favorite tracks. It seems like a collab is in the works as Benny plans on joining BTS as their new member while on a call with Bang Si-hyuk aka Bang PD, the Chairman of HYBE Labels.

Check out the post here:

On July 20, in a post on his Twitter account, Benny Blanco released a clip of his video chat with Scooter Braun and Bang PD. While on the call, the songwriter and record producer talked about falling in love with BTS after attending their concert. Benny Blanco attended the BTS ‘Permission to Dance on Stage’ concert in April of 2022 and ever since that, he had been manifesting joining the boy group. It looks like the songwriter finally got one step closer to his dream now as he gets BTS’ contact information from none other than Bang PD.

BTS’ official Twitter handle also posted a video chat with Benny asking the band’s vocal members Jin, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook to include him into the band. But Jimin suggests him to do a song together instead.

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Seems like ARMY is gonna get a new song soon. The fans are all excited the announcement and are already taking over Twitter with the reactions. Check out a few reactions below: