Best Easy and Flavorful recipes to try from Spanish Cuisine

Spain is indeed one the place which is common in everyone’s travelling list. But maybe very few of know that Spanish cuisine folds best desserts and Mediterranean cuisine in this world. Recipes that Spain is cherished from their ancestors is not changed a bit, so here let us unfold some different and unique recipes from the Spanish cuisine to revive the joy.

1). Crema Catalana :

Crema Catalana is nothing but a Spanish version of crème brûlée, to make this interesting recipe you need to boil milk with some citrus peel and cinnamon stick and dissolve some cornstarch t  dissolve in water, this in another bowl adds egg yolks with sugar and slowly mix it to milk and give a nice stir. Your custard is done put it into ramen and bake.

2). Spanish Tortilla :

Snacks that fulfil your tummy and take you to the next level, Spanish Tortilla is very satisfying and tasty to make them you need to saute slice one potato and onion in olive oil then add eggs and mix well, and put the mixture in pan and cook. well for both sides.

3). Gazpacho :

Gazpacho is a Spanish soup best partner of your winter and meat to make gazpacho you need to cut it down into pieces, blend them and strain the liquid. Then cook the strained pulp with some salt, pepper and that’s it Gazpacho is ready.

4). Leche Frita :

Leche Frita is a Spanish dessert it means fried milk. Ah yes! Fried milk the recipe is as exciting as the name all you need to do is mix cardamom, sugar, cinnamon, and orange peel in milk and get thickness to add diluted cornflour when the moisture is boiled and thick enough remove, cinnamon stick and cardamom pods. And pour the mixture into a plate and cut in pieces and refrigerate, then coat them in bread crumbs and diluted corn starch batter and deep fry, dust sugar afterwards that’s it!