Best of Canadian recipes you can munch anytime

Instant fast food is something that we all crave when we feel sudden under or desire to eat something other than our usual dinner or breakfast recipes, and Canadian recipes are full of lip-smacking snacks that we can eat for sundowner and brunch parties.

1. Poutine :

Poutine is a very popular snack of Canadians and it is invented by them and plugins is their favourite fast food. Poutine is nothing but baked potatoes with extra cheese and peppers. Boiled fries of potatoes is set down in the baking pan and cheese is grated on them with herbs and peppers and then it is baked well.

2. Butter Tart :

A butter tart is an exciting recipe for those who have a sweet tooth, and butter tart is very delicious it melts down in your mouth right after you take a bite from the plate. To make butter tart is not very hard all you need to do is follow the ingredients of butter and sugar short pastries and if you want you can glaze caramel too.

3. Nanaimo Bar :

Nanaimo Bar is top on the dessert list of Canada, Canadians love to enjoy this three-layer dessert with three fascinating and each layer fold a unique flavour that binds the whole recipe. The first layer of Nanaimo is chocolate and the second layer is made from coconut and the last layer is cream.

4. Canadian Maple Syrup :

Canada is a land of maple trees, And maple leaf is embodied in the national flag of Canada. Thus, it proves how much a maple tree means to Canadians and so the maple syrup, a golden brown elegant syrup infused with sugar or honey is the best partner of Canadian pancakes.