Best of Indonesian cuisine which are easy to make and tasty

Indonesia cuisine is quite complicated to understand at first but when you’re through my dish from the platter you will come to know about what a masterpiece is Indonesian cuisine is. In India and other countries, Indonesian food is quite unfamiliar. So, let us here explore some easy to make and tasty dishes from Indonesian cuisine.

1. Batagor :

Batagor is a fried dumpling dish of Indonesian cuisine, quite inspired by Chinese cuisine and twisted according to Indonesian taste. This is one of the very popular street food on Indonesian cuisine stuffed with tofu, chicken and meat. Served hot with soy sauce, Indonesian dips, chilli paste and a slice of lemon to squeeze on the fried dumplings.

2. Tempe Mendoan :

Tempe mendoan is a vegetarian dish from the plate of wide Indonesian cuisine, Tempe Memdoam is a fermented soybean dish where you have to cut the tempeh and mix in spice batter which includes garlic, scallions, sugar and salt and deep fry them, and then serve with chilli paste grinded with sweet Indonesian soy sauce, garlic and fresco chillies.

3. Nasi Padang :

Nasi Padang is the Indonesian name for steamed rice, people of Indonesia enjoys meat and boiled eggs a lot and with steamed rice taste of the meat, chicken and egg enhance which is why Indonesian restaurants often serve steamed rice with pre chickenken and meat. These side dishes can include rendang, dendeng balado (thin crispy beef with chili), kalio, ayam lado (chicken with green chilli sambal), and many others.

4. Gado – Gado :

Gado – Gado is an interesting side salad for the Indonesian dining table, this salad is the least complicated and very tasty because of its unusual flavours this salad include peanuts, boiled egg, fried shallots with all seasonal vegetables tossed in sour and sweet peanut sauce dressing and garlic. And the seller is kind enough, so if you’re a vegetarian they will not include egg on your plate.