Best Paranormal Investigators On YouTube Which Can Give You Goosebumps

Do you watch horror movies?? If yes, then do you know if ghosts are real or not?? This is something that has been a question in various minds. But we have some investigators, which can help us get answers to these questions which are stuck in our minds and is tangled between a ghost and their stories.

Southern Arizona Ghosts and Paranormal Society

Founded in 2007, this nonprofit searches for proof that there is life after death using cutting-edge technology and scientific skepticism. You’re not in the right area if you’re looking for jump scares. In addition to conducting its studies and investigations with a high level of expertise, the Tucson-based SCAPAS also does so with a great deal of respect for the departed. As a result, the group produces paranormal footage that is worth seeing. They also provide tips on how to start a paranormal group, conduct investigations, and evaluate evidence in their podcast.

Watcher – Ghost files 

In the six years since the launch of their popular YouTube program Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej have revolutionized the field of ghost hunting. There is no denying that the pairing of paranormal enthusiast Ryan Bergara and complete skeptic Shane Madej produces a beautiful and amusing synergy that no other paranormal channel has. Their interactions are amusing enough on their own, but because of the truthful investigations they conduct and the few proofs of the supernatural, each truly “spooky” occurrence becomes plausible and merits careful attention.

However, Ryan and Shane are not the only YouTubers who are interested in the possibility of ghosts, demons, poltergeists, and other enigmatic creatures from a realm beyond the visible. Several YouTube channels investigate the myriad paranormal possibilities by investigating haunted locations, reviewing spooky videos, or sharing intriguing cases. 

Dead explorer 

Alejandro Dominguez, a self-described ghost hunter from Texas who has collaborated with dozens of other investigators, is the driving force behind this paranormal investigative series on YouTube. Dominguez attributes his fascination with the afterlife to a ghostly encounter he had when he was five years old. As a result, he and his crew of ghostbusters do graveyard shifts on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The videos, which Dominguez purportedly captured entirely, purport to show ghostly manifestations and inexplicable behavior in locations including abandoned schools and the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Huff paranormal 

Steve Huff has been hosting a kind of coffee klatch with the dead for the past five years in which he sets up a portal, extends an invitation to chat, and then starts talking. Even if he only accepts good spirits, things nonetheless manage to get extremely unsettling. Huff employs both conventional tools like spirit boxes and homemade communication techniques like his own Ouija board when working with his son. Huff’s investigations always center less on proving the presence of ghosts and more on the reasons why they’re still here, whether it involves speaking with recently deceased celebrities or total strangers.


Find them really good at explaining the locations, etc., but also keep in mind that Elton began out as a skeptic and has gradually altered his perspective, said Spot-One. Overnight invariably makes references to better-rated ghost-hunting shows from the early 2000s, like MTV’s Fear or Paranormal State. YouTubers research haunted places and enthrall viewers with their spooky discoveries.

While it is entertaining to follow the explorations, it may not be to everyone’s taste due to the over-dramatization of the events occurring within the investigations, which is similar to TV shows from the 2000s.

The Paranormal search

The web series allows the rest of the globe to see the show even though it is shown on local stations in Louisiana. Their style? historical locations with a ghost. Their research, which began in 2010, has led them to plantations, hotels, residences, restaurants, and a variety of other historically significant spots that are considered to be among Louisiana’s most haunted locales. Their frequently hour-long movie gathers purported visual and auditory evidence of locations with extensive histories of hauntings after speaking to local experts and historians before investigating.

Every few months, the group releases new videos, and when they do, the wait is well worth it. The channel is one of the most comprehensive of the ghost-hunting group with in-depth interviews and lengthy films.