Bigg Boss 16 : ‘AUDIENCE WITH SHIV THAKARE’ trends on Twitter!

Bigg Boss show has always been strict with it’s rules and regulations when it comes to violence. A major fight broke out between Shiv Thakare and Archana Gautam. The verbal fight got converted into physical fight by Archana. Shiv made some personal comments on her which made her furious and sheย  lost her cool. Archana grabbed Shiv by neck and scratched her with her nails. Housemates also got upset by this behaviour. Bigg Boss calkled Shiv in the confession room and asked him what he wants. Shiv asked for Archana’s elimination. Archana got removed from the house. ‘ AUDIENCE WITH SHIV THAKARE’ trends on Twitter. More than 450k tweets can be seen. Here are some tweets supporting Shiv :

Former contestant Prince Narula tweets showing support to Shiv Thakare