Bigg Boss 16 : ‘BRING BACK ARCHANA’ trends on Twitter after Archana Gautam got eliminated from the show

According to some social media posts and news which gives updates of Bigg Boss reveals that Archana Gautam has been thrown out of the house after she involved in physical fight with another contestant Shiv Thakare. According to some sources, they got into a verbal fight which end up with Archana getting physical and thus Shiv asked for Archana’s exit. Bigg Boss accepted the request and Archana’s exit confirmed. Bigg Boss show has always been strict with it’s rules and regulations when it comes to violence. As soon as the news went viral, fans got shocked and ‘BRING BACK ARCHANA’ started trending on Twitter. Actor-politician Archana has emerged as one of the most entertaining contestants on the show.

Here are some tweets of some users :