Bigg Boss 16: ‘Don’t Push Me, ‘Sajid Khan Throws Archana Out Of The Kitchen

In just a few days since her return to the Big Boss home, Archana Gautam has wrought a significant transformation. She is among the contestants who competes the hardest. As everyone is aware, Sajid has been named the new captain of the house, however some members of the household are opposed to this.

People in the home believe that Archana is only yelling at them for the camera, but the majority of them believe that she is absolutely correct. The kitchen is her favorite part of the house, and she enjoys socializing there. But some tragic thing is going to happen in today’s episode, Archana yelled at Sajid for assigning her duties.

After this new type of captaincy that happened yesterday’s episode, Sajid become king of the house and all the people from room of 4 and room of 6 have to do every work. So, what we’ll see in today’s episode is that despite Sajid’s position as house captain, who assigned Archana some more task in addition to cooking, Archana refused to perform it.


After saying “Yahan labour banne thodi aayi hun main,” she said, “The individuals who are doing less work should compensate.” Sajid then threw her out of the kitchen and yelled, “DONT PUSH ME.”