Bigg Boss 16 : Gauhar Khan calls Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary’s game plan ‘Dumb’!

Former Bigg Boss contestant has been actively following the current season of Bigg Boss. She keeps updating her fans about her opinions on the contestants playing in this season. In the last episode Priyanka flipped the entire game by choosing Shalin over Archana. The house turned into a farm where sheep were supposed to be feed by wolf and here sheep means contestants eligible for nomination. All the favourites selected by Sajid Khan were saved from nomination while others had to fight. Shalin Bhanot succeeds in convincing Priyanka to be on his side as Priyanka wasn’t ready to put faith on Archana Gautam. Archana wanted to go first or second by didn’t got the majority votes. Lastly Priyanka, Archana and Ankit got saved while rest were nominated.

Reacting to this, Gauhar Khan tweeted,”Oh god! Priyanka is so dumb! The game was in their hand! Clearly there’s only 1 mandli in existence. These guys are just silly.”