BigHit Entertainments issues a defamation against abuse over BTS

BTS is one of the most famous South Korean bands that has taken the world with their music and dance. They have created history being the first-ever Asian band to reach so high and brought Korean culture popular all over the globe.

Recently they celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut in the music industry and called out on going on a break with their band activities and trying some time as a solo. This kinda broke the army’s heart but still, they are supporting them. These Bangtan boys keep their army posted with their activities. J-hope coming up with his solo, Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth with Memories, RM is in Switzerland gazing upon the art, Jin having some lone time, Jimin posting photo shoots, Suga recently collaborated with Psy on That That, and V is in Paris and soon to be seen in a K-drama.

Declamation By BigHit Music

They tasted success but with Army comes the anti-Army who try to make people hate them. For quite some time these haters post some irrelevant things about BTS and upon this, the BigHit entertainment posted a notice on Weverse declaiming personal comments, sexual harassment, etc, and legal action against anything like this.

They posted that any criminal offense or malicious comments will be strictly punished and might give jail time. The fans can even report such behavior on the given email id. This is done to protect the right of the artists. The army is here to protect their idols from any hate vibes.